Profile profile for JonesER

Eugene R. Jones

Exhibits Specialist

US Army School of Administration
Corcoran College of Arts and Design
Maryland Institute of Architect Illustration and Drafting
Virginia State University

Role in Museum: 

Exhibit Specialist Graphic Art - Apply graphic to various substrate. Work with assortment of materials; wood, acrylic, metal, paper, vinyl and fabrics materials. Measure and cuts mats and frame materials, install exterior murals on walls, panels, and cases. Manage OBRES exhibit storage space.



The Department Of Defense
The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, PA – 2011
Develop and design the first exhibition at the new US Army Heritage Museum Carlisle, PA. The project require creating concept scale model for exhibition gallery space, floor layout, design cases and panel, select color scheme, artifact and install complete graphic package. 

National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution – 1996
“How Things Fly,” the first full scale computer generated exhibition at the Smithsonian consisting of at least 90% computer generated two and three dimensional graphics and case fabrication using large scale CNC Router, Large Format printer and Laminators. Served as Supervisor Graphic Art Production.

Current project:

National Museum of American History – Office of Building Renovation and Exhibition Services (OBRES). Serving as OBRES Space Storage and Logistics Manager. Strategize OBRES impact with new Latino Gallery first floor east.