Profile profile for PulaT

Museum activity developer since 2003

BS in Biology, LeTourneau University 1999

Self taught activity designer and operator of advanced manufacturing equipment

Role in Museum: 

Creator of hands on activities that encourage museum visitors to explore and engage in the history and process of invention. 


Responsible for the development, design, fabrication, tweaking and maintenance of Spark!Lab activities on a quarterly cycle

Develop and fabricate activities for Spark!Lab National Network sites

Regularly provide feed back and help to vette Smithsonian branded activity books for kids

Produce chemistry and physics-based activities for the Gulf Coast Exploreum Ciba Lab, Mobile AL (2003-2008)

Produce inquiry based STEM and workforce development associated activities for the Explore More Stuff Lab, Discovery Place, Charlotte NC (2008-2013)

Produce hands on activities for incoming traveling exhibitions, Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC (2013-2014)