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M.A. in History, George Mason University, 2015
B.A. in American Studies, College of William & Mary, 2009

I am a public historian and historian of American entertainment with a special interest in the history of film, television, and comedy. In my scholarship, I explore how people living in the United States have interacted with popular entertainment, and how popular culture shapes and reflects historical debates and developments. By probing the production, exhibition, reception, and cultural conversations about entertainment performance and products, I strive to engage a broad public in discussing Americans’ understandings of themselves and their place in the world throughout the nation’s history. I believe that popular culture is a unique and accessible lens to introduce the museum’s audiences to complex narratives involving race, sexuality, gender, identity, representation, economics, migration, social change, and power.

Research Specialties: 

History of American entertainment, including film, television, theater, comedy, and animation; public history and the history of museums.



  • Entertainment Nation exhibition project, exploring the history of American culture and identity
  • History of American comedy
  • Muppets Take American History exhibition project
  • Wizard of Oz research
  • Children's television research


Professional Affiliations: 

Popular Culture Association

National Council on Puiblic History