Profile profile for KenyonG

Greg Kenyon

Project Assistant

University of Maryland, College Park, BA 2008 MA expected 2018

Research Specialties: 

Generally interested in the history of technology in the many shapes and sources it takes in material culture. Specifically I am interested in studying the role of technology in the social and political economy of the 20th century, especially the use of the telegraph and wireless telegraphy.

Role in Museum: 

As a Project Specialist I work with our database to publish our collections the web, build Object Groups, create online exhibitions, and suport the missions of a variety of programs and exhibitions.


Object Groups

Smithsonian Automobile Collection

Smithsonian Bicycle Collection

The Antibody Initiative

The Tokuno Gift

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Mining Lights and Hats

. . .and many more!

Online Exhibitions

America on the Move

Between A Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops 1820-Present