Profile profile for GloedeJ

Jennifer Gloede

Museum Specialist, Numismatics

B.A. Anthropology and Art History, University of Maryland
M.A. Museum Studies, The George Washington University

Role in Museum: 

Jennifer serves as the collections and outreach specialist for the National Numismatic Collection (NNC). She manages the NNC's public inquiries and supervises research visits to the collection. In addition to cataloging, digitization, and preservation initiatives, she is also involved in the department's public engagement efforts. 



  • Collections Manager, Really Big Money, opening in 2021
  • Collections Manager, The Value of Money
  • Collections Manager, Stories on Money, closed in 2019

Cataloging, Digitization, and Preservation:

  • West African Currency cataloging and digitization
    • Funded by a grant from the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund at the London School of Economics
  • Inventory and Rehousing of American Coins, project leader
    • Funded by the Smithsonian Collections Care and Preservation Fund, administered by the National Collections Program and the Smithsonian Collections Advisory Committee
  • Cataloging and rehousing the United States currency collection
  • Rehousing the numismatic book collection
  • Rehousing the alternative, or commodity, currency collection