Profile profile for AndersonRA

Rachel Anderson

Project and Curatorial Assistant

B.A., University of Washington, Philosophy
B.A., University of Washington, Comparative Religion
M.A., George Washington University, Museum Studies

Research Specialties: 

▪History of vaccines and biologicals

▪History of cosmetics and personal care products

Role in Museum: 

Collections research, management, and digitization of the medicine collections. Object photography and data enrichment of object records. Project management and curatorial research and support.


▪ The Antibody Initiative: in progress, web catalog, historical essays, and public programs utilizing and making accessible the Division’s collections of vaccines, serums, diagnostics and drugs.
▪ Changing American Medicine: exhibition in progress, opening Spring 2019.

Past Projects:
▪ Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the Medicine and Science Collections: web catalog and historical essays utilizing and making accessible the Division’s collections of cosmetic and personal collections.
▪ Full inventory and documentation of the onsite medicine collections, 2012-2014