Profile profile for SahaA

Abeer Saha

Merrill Family Secretarial Scholar & Curator

Ph.D. History, University of Virginia (2021)
M.A. History, University of Virginia (2017)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Virginia (2013)

Research Specialties: 

Science and technology studies (STS), global environmental history, and the history of American capitalism and agriculture.


Turning dissertation into a manuscript for publication, provisionally titled: Animal Factory: The Rise of the Industrial Feedlot in the 20th Century.

Working on a transnational environmental history of the Yamuna River of North India.

Writing an article provisionally titled: "Chorus of Doubt: Engineers during the Ozone Crisis of the 1970s"

Awards, Honors, and Special Recognition: 
  • Birdsall Fellow at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation (2018-2020)