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Eric W. Jentsch

Team Leader, Entertainment and Sports and Curator

M.A. Museum Studies, George Washington University
B.A. English, B.A. History, St. Louis University

Research Specialties: 

History of Entertainment, Popular Culture and Sports. .

Role in Museum: 

Collect, Exhibit and Research materials related to American entertainment and sports. These include broadcast entertainment such as television and radio, film, comic books, and sports.  


Past Projects:
Curator Entertaining America (ongoing)
Project Director/ Curator Superheroes
Project Director/ Curator Batmobile Exhibition
Curator Hall of American Culture, including Yankee Stadium Ticket Booth
Curator Willie Mays installation - American Stories

  • Curator, Pause/Play.
  • Curator, 1939.
  • Curator: Celluloid: The First Plastic
Awards, Honors, and Special Recognition: 

Selected Speaker, People, Passion Purpose 



"The Pharmacy Collections" with Diane L. Wendt. Caduceus. (Winter 1997, Vol. 13 No. 3, pp.33–42).

A brief history of the pharmacy collections at the Smithsonian Institution.