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Jennifer Locke Jones


B.A. American Studies, George Washington University

Research Specialties: 
  • World War II
  • Vietnam Era
  • Japanese American incarceration
  • Museum exhibition development
Role in Museum: 

Jennifer Locke Jones is the Chair and Curator of the Armed Forces History Division. She oversees all aspects of the management of this major collection including staffing, curatorial research, program and exhibition development, as well as collections storage and preservation. She served as the Chair of the National Numismatics Collection from April 2012 through August 2016. During her tenure, she oversaw the reorganization of the department, hiring new staff, developing fundraising programs, planning and producing a new exhibition Gallery, The Value of Money, and spearheading an innovative pilot program to digitize the collection. 


Current Projects:

  • Project Director, Righting A Wrong: Japanese Americans and World War II (February 2017)
  • Project Director, Advertising War: Selling Americans on World War I (April 2017)
  • Project Director, John J. “Black Jack” Pershing and World War I (April 2017)
  • Project Director, Uniformed Women in the Great War (April 2017)
  • Project Director, planning the rennovation of 30,000 square feet of exhibition and storage space that will include the Price of Freedom exhibit, the gunboat Philadelphia, and the firearms gallery

Past Projects:

  • Project Director, Value of Money exhibition for new Gallery of Numismatics (July 2015)
  • Project Director, Rapid Capture Digitization prototype for traditional photography using conveyor belt system for 250,000 objects in 5 months (Oct-March 2015)
  • Curator, American Heroes: Japanese American World War II Nisei Soldiers and the Congressional Gold Medal and consultant for Web site (2014)
  • Curator, Ten Things You Don't Know About: The Flag, History Channel, H2 (2014) 
  • Curator, A Star-Spangled Story: Battle for America, Smtihsonian Channel (2014)
  • Project Director, Civil War Draft Wheel preservation, Civil War sesquicentennial (2011-2015)
  • Project Director, Major collections storage renovation of 50,000 square feet of storage space (2010-2014)
  • Curator, Civil War 360 Episodes: The Union: The Confederacy, Smithsonian Channel (2012)
  • Project Curator, Price of Freedom: Americans at War exhibition and Web site (2004)
  • A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and the U.S. Constitution Web site (2001), American Library Association traveling exhibition (1995-1999), and NMAH museum exhibition (1987)
  • An American Diary: Paintings by Roger Shimomura traveling exhibition ion (2000), curator for NMAH venue.
  • The Armed Forces in the Making of America: From the Revolution to World War I, 1775-1919 (2000)
  • Fast Attacks and Boomers: Submarines in the Cold War exhibition (2000)
  • World War II: Sharing Memories commemorative exhibition (1995) and programming for WWII Hispanic Remembrances and Congressional Recollections (November 1995)
  • World War II G.I.: The American Soldier Experience exhibition project manager (1993)
  • Personal Legacy: The Healing of a Nation Vietnam Memorial Wall collection exhibition (1992)
  • Showcases Infantry Machine Guns in the United States Service: 1861-Present; Manufacturing the M9 Service Handgun
Awards, Honors, and Special Recognition: 
  • American Numismatic Association Presidential Award President Jeff C. Garrett - December 2016
    Honoring dedicated service to the field of Numismatics
  • Secretary's Award for Excellence: Digital Enterprise Award Secretary of the Smithsonian, Dr. Wayne Clough - December 2014
    Rapid Capture Pilot Team enhanced the ability of the Smithsonian to digitize collections efficiently and share them with the world.
  • Secretary's Award for Excellence: Collaborative Spirit Award Secretary of the Smithsonian, Dr. Wayne Clough - December 2013
    Worked successfully across unit lines to support the Smithsonian Mission for the Smithsonian Civil War: Inside the Collection illustrated book. 
  • Department of the Army Commendation, for photo exhibition, Desert Storm: A Photographic Diary - 1991