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Heather Paisley-Jones

Education Specialist, School and After-school Programs

M.A., Teaching Museum Education, George Washington University
B.A., Educational Theory and Art History, University of Tulsa

Role in Museum: 

I am the director and one of the original developers of the Museum’s Hands On History Room (HOHR). The mission of HOHR is to introduce visitors to the methods that historians use to find out about the past, to help them understand that history is the story of everyday life, and to “see themselves” in history. Most importantly, the 33 self-paced activities are designed to appeal to visitors with different learning styles, and to help them go beyond simply “naming” objects to thinking about the ways in which the objects affected the lives of the people who made them and used them and the impact that they had on life in America. I also train and supervise the 70+ docents who staff HOHR. Additionally, I help develop interactives for new exhibitions, and manage the Museum’s teaching collection.


Developed Hands On History Activities including: You Be the Historian, Dressing the Part: Anne and Henry Saunders 1780 – 1800, The Mighty Mule, Getting to Know the Ropes, Try Making Rope, and Wildlife at Risk. Director of the Museum’s Story in History Literacy Project (1998–2000) a Museum/school program for 4th graders and their families who attended 10 Title One Schools in the metro area. The project included multiple class visits to the Hands On History Room, the distribution of quality children’s literature, teacher training, and a culminating Family Literacy Festival. Co-developer of the OurStory in History Web site and developer of the “Build a Sod House” interactive. Co-developed the Museum’s first bilingual guides for children and families, “Let’s Take a Trip” and “Who Else Lives at the White House?”

Professional Affiliations: 

National Council of History Education