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Wayne E. Wakefield

Museum Specialist

M.A., History Museum Studies, Cooperstown Graduate Programs, Cooperstown, N.Y., 1982

B.A., History and Anthropology double major, Western Washington University, 1980

Role in Museum: 

Support the Museum's Incoming Loan program, by documenting incoming loans through photography and written descriptions, arranging for shipping (and sometimes packing), packing and unpacking and overseeing the return of loans. Also process and return unsolicited/undocumented loans and provide assistance in processing acquisitions and incoming loans as needed.

  • 1988, 1990: Deinstallation and reinstallation of Electiricity Hall for Master Plan renovation.
  • 1989: Assist with deinstallation of Atom-Smashers exhibition in preparation for Master Plan renovation
  • 1990 to 1991: Coordinate removal of objects from AB039 storage area to empty it for conversion into costume conservation lab.
  • 1992: Final deinstallation of Medical Sciences Hall.
  • 1991 to 1996: Inventory and object-record reconcilation of several Electricity collections.
  • 1996: Assisted with takedown of 1876 exhibition in Arts & Industries Building
  • 1998 to 2002: Design and maintenance of OPF's electronic Receiving and Outgoing logs.
  • 2004: Investigation into the feasibility of converting Registration Services paper forms into an electronic system
Professional Affiliations: 

Cooperstown Graduate Association