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M.A. University of London (UCL), 2002, Museum Studies
M.A. Bowling Green State University, 1998, Popular Culture Studies
B.A. The College of William & Mary, 1995, English and History

"Home Away From Home," Freemasonry Today, 28 (2004)
"Mason without Apron - Alexander von Humboldt and the world of freemasonry," HIN: International Review of Humboldt Studies, Vol. 20, no. 38 (2019)
"Fraternal Purpose In The Establishment Of Tammany’s American Museum," The Gotham Center for New York City History, November 21, 2019

Research Specialties: 

History of American firefighting
Fraternal History
Community groups, including scouts


Researching the role of fraternal groups in early American museums.
Researching the history of parades in America.