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Sam Duncan

Public Programming<br> Military and Diplomacy

Marion, North Carolina Attending Appalachian State University, majoring in public history
Interning in Public Programming with James Zimmerman
and Military and Diplomacy with Jennifer Jones As a public history major, Sam Duncan is tuned in to how people and the past can connect through artifacts. "As a patriot, a veteran, an idealist, and a student of history who believes the study of our past can guide our future, I wanted to be a part of that interaction. When it comes to bringing history to life for people, the Smithsonian sets the standard." Sam's unique internship gives him the opportunity to further explore the connection objects make between people and the past—he works in two departments. For Public Programming, Sam helps plan special events and develops musical programs focusing on American songs. For military history, he catalogs items donated by the army and conducts research into the American Revolution. When asked about his overall experience interning at the Museum, Sam replies, "I learned that to operate on the Smithsonian level is to be among the very best. The people I have been privileged to work with have been absolutely brilliant, creating an atmosphere that generates greatness. It's the best experience of my life. All of the staff at the National Museum of American History have been truly outstanding and very inclusive of interns as part of the team."