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Stevan Fisher

Visual Information Specialist

BFA with High Honors, Interior Design, VCU 1980

Role in Museum: 

Works at the intersection of the multiple demands, requirements and expectations of curators, museum senior management, donors, museum educators, and technical specialists such as conservators, collections managers, and others. Seeks to find solutions to the interpretive and environmental problems inherent in the development of high-quality visitor experiences in our exhibits.

  • Lead Designer for Smithsonian’s America
  • Lead Designer for Communities in a Changing Nation
  • Design Team, Science in American Life
  • Design Team, Within These Walls
  • Designer, Treasures of American History
  • Designer, American Stories
  • Designer, Mexican Revolution
  • Designer, Carmichael & Taylor
  • Designer, Stories on Money
  • Designer, The Art of Little Golden Books
  • Designer, Advertising War
  • Designer, The American Revolution–A World War
  • Designer, Everyday Luxury: Silk Quilts from the National Collection
  • Co-designer, Creating Icons: How We Remember Womens Suffrage
  • Design Manager, West Point in the Making of America
  • Design Manager, Price of Freedom: Americans at War
  • Design Manager, Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life
  • Design Manager, American Enterprise
  • Design Manager, American Democracy
  • Design Manager, Religion in Early America
  • Design Manager, Giving in America
    (Giving and Health, 2019; Who Pays for Education, 2020)