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Nicole Kenney

Archives Center

Mililani, Hawaii Attending George Washington University's Museum Studies Graduate Program
Interning in the Archives Center with John Fleckner Nicole Kenney applied to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History as a way of practically enhancing her educational curriculum at George Washington University. Her projects in the Archives Center revolve around the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Records and the Estelle Ellis Papers—Ellis was among the first to focus advertising to teenage girls and working women. Nicole reorganizes archives material so that searching them is more intuitive and retrieving them is more accessible: "Every day I get a glimpse into the past through letters, photographs, and other materials in the Archives Center." Nicole wanted to learn firsthand what is involved in being an archivist. She found a mentor in her supervisor, John Fleckner, and in the Archives Center staff of the Museum. She's glad "to be among others who have the same interests and can offer career advice and inspiration." Nicole advises incoming interns to "create a mentoring relationship with your internship supervisor—who may become one of the best teachers you ever had." Nicole describes the decision to supplement her education with an internship at the National Museum of American History as "really rewarding. It is wonderful to work with people that you admire and who are willing to take the time to help you and share their knowledge. It really enriched my academic experience."