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The Honorable Doris Matsui

NMAH Board Member; United States House of Representatives

Congresswoman Doris Matsui has represented the city of Sacramento and its surrounding areas since 2005. A member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, she serves on the Health and Communications and Technology subcommittees. The Congresswoman also serves as Co-Chair of the Congressional Women’s Caucus, Co-Chair of the Seniors Task Force, and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition. Before coming to Congress, Congresswoman Matsui served on numerous advisory boards, community organizations, and honorary committees. She was President and Chairwoman of the Board for the KVIE public television station in Sacramento, and she served in leadership capacities for the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento Children's Home, Meridian International Center, Arena Stage, and Woodrow Wilson Center Board of Trustees. During President Bill Clinton's first term in office, she served as one of eight members of the President's transition board.  She later served for six years as Deputy Assistant to the President in the White House Office of Public Liaison.