Really BIG Money

Aligned to elementary social studies learning standards, Really BIG Money teaches children about world cultures and supports the development of financial literacy.

What can really big money teach us about our world?

Money is anything a community agrees to use to make payments and purchases. Most money we use today fits in our pockets. But money has come in many sizes and shapes throughout history.

The pieces of money in this exhibition are really big. Some are big in size. Some are big in quantity. And some have big numbers printed on them. Each piece can teach us about a community and culture, the environment, political leaders, and the process of exchange. Through this exhibition you will discover the stories behind some of the world’s biggest pieces of money.

All of the objects in this exhibition are from our national money collection, called the National Numismatic Collection (noo-miss-MAT-ick). The collection is really big and includes objects from around the globe spanning 3,000 years of history.

Really BIG Money was made possible by Michael Chou, the Howard F. Bowker Numismatic Projects Endowment Fund, and Bill and Dianne Calderazzo, with additional support from Jeff Garrett, Robert L. Harwell II, and John F. McMullan.