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Appendix E: Logistical and Contractual Constraints

The following listing of Logistical and Contractual Constraints has been prepared by NMAH. It represents:

  • 4,820 square feet of objects the cost of moving which seems prohibitive
  • 14,865 square feet of functional space the cost of moving which seems prohibitive
  • 109,578 square feet of exhibition space that represents contractual obligations to donors
  • 34,423 square feet of space that represents highly popular exhibitions which NMAH believe should remain


* Italics indicate future exhibit

NMAH 1st Floor

Exhibit Location Square Footage Notes
Lemelson Center West 1,420 Endowed program with
active major donor; agreement to expand space for programs, offices and exhibit to 10,000 sq. ft.
Hands on Science West 1,973 Lemelson interest in
Dibner Library and Gallery West 3,870 Endowed program (SI
Carmichael Auditorium Center 4,420 Largest program venue
Presidential Suite Center 5,642 Historical space that should
not be moved
America on the Move (Road Transportation; Railroad Hall; Bridges & Tunnels; Maritime) East 42,658 Opens 2003
On Time East 4,465 Gift from Timex; opened in
1999 with a 10-year commitment

NMAH 2nd Floor

Exhibit Location Square Footage Notes
Introductory Exhibit West 20,000 Open 2006
(includes SSB lab space)
Welcome Center TBD 3,200 Gift from NMAH Board
member; commitment to concept but not location
Daycare Center (SEEC) West 2,463 SI commitment but can be
Within These Walls... West 4,775 Gift from National
Association of Realtors;
opened in 2001 with 15 year commitment; house cannot be moved
George Washington Statue West 45 Difficult to move
Flag Hall Center 5,297 Commitment with History
Channel for video thru 2003
For Which It Stands Center 8,295 $18 million grant from Polo
Ralph Lauren, US Congress, Pew Charitable Trust
includes portion of Flag Hall
First Ladies East 8,970 Permanent and most popular
exhibit, but can be relocated

NMAH 3rd Floor

Exhibit Location Square Footage Notes
Hall of Musical Instruments West 2,340 Performance space renovated
In 1999
The American Presidency Center 12,500 Funding commitments;
popular exhibit; can move
Archives Center East 5,453 Public research facility,
Can be relocated
Price of Freedom East 18,400 Opens 2004; includes Fast
Attacks and Boomers,
Gunboat Philadelphia, West Point and Archives Center spaces
A More Perfect Union East 7,500 A popular exhibit

Total Committed Space: 180,195 square feet

Prepared by NMAH Staff
March 2002

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