Report of The Blue Ribbon Commission on the National Museum of American HistorySmithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History


Table of Contents

I. Transmittal and Summary of Report

II. A Challenging Context—NMAH Strengths, Problems, Constraints, and Challenges

  1. The Problem

III. Recommendations

IV. Appendices

  1. Commission Methodology and Membership
  2. Overview of NMAH Collections
  3. Current NMAH Exhibit Floor Plan
  4. NMAH Budgets: Fiscal Years 1993-2002
  5. Logistical and Contractual Constraints
  6. NMAH's Initial Version for Transforming the National Museum of American History
    1. Introduction
    2. Interpreting History
    3. Visitors to NMAH
    4. Developing Exhibitions
    5. Education and Public Programs
    6. Advanced Information Technology
    7. Essential Elements
    8. Conclusion
  7. NMAH's Planned and Funded New Exhibits (March 2002)
  8. NMAH's Revised Future Floor Plan (As of March 2002)


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