GPEP Alumni Internship Program

The Center for Restorative History is proud to partner with the Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP) at Goucher College to create the GPEP Alumni Internship Program. The program connects GPEP alumni, who are formerly incarcerated scholars, with yearlong, paid internships at the Smithsonian. GPEP alumni interns have placements across a variety of departments to develop diverse professional skills, gain relevant workplace experience, and contribute to more inclusive understandings of U.S. history. GPEP interns are integral to shaping the scope of the internship program and our partnership.


"That's the whole purpose of the GPEP Alumni Internship program for us coming home to gain knowledge, attain resources, gain networks, and to build ourselves a solid foundation. Doing that at the Smithsonian and through history made me feel like I was more included in society."

—Christian Taylor, GPEP Alumni Intern, 2020


Left: Tariq Price wearing a toolbelt, tacking a large blue and white poster to a grey wall.  Right: Tariq Price and one other person standing with their backs to the camera on a bright red electronic scaffold.
GPEP Alumni Intern Tariq Price installing the museum’s "¡Pleibol!" exhibition, 2021. Courtesy of Jonathan Morris and Amira Rasayon

The GPEP Alumni Internship program is designed to break barriers to accessing an internship in the museum field. GPEP Alumni Interns' experience includes:

  • Yearlong professional experience with a livable stipend to defray costs of living and technology.
  • Mentors who guide interns' experiences and offer support. Program mentors receive yearlong coaching to help interns as they navigate the unique challenges of reintegrating into the workforce.
  • Flexible projects that allow interns to tailor their work to their learning goals, inclusive of rotations in new departments.
  • Enrichment activities to explore the museum field widely and develop professional skills. This includes personalized workshops in resume writing, technology training, digital communication, and use of professional networking platforms.
  • More inclusive federal background investigation protocols with case-by-case review to enable Smithsonian credentialing.
  • Professional growth opportunities to attend high-level meetings, conduct informational interviews, and attend all-staff gatherings.
  • Ongoing evaluation process with interns' and mentors' input to ensure responsiveness in internship program planning.
  • Post-internship job placement support to ensure intern alumni are set up for success.


Meet Our GPEP Alumni Interns


Theresa Adams

Theresa Adams

Theresa Adams completed an internship focusing on organizational management and administration, African American Social Justice History, and programming in Latino history and culture. She holds a BA in Business Administration and Organizational Management and is interested in pursuing careers in diversity consultancy, museum research, and programming.

Sanford Barber

Sanford Barber

Sanford Barber’s internship focus areas include African American Social Justice History, building renovation and exhibition services, and project management. He is also pursuing a BS in Information Technology, with the goal of a career in IT project management.


Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor specializes in African American Social Justice History as a museum intern. He is currently pursuing a career in software programming and web app development through Columbia University.

Donalto Marshall

Donalto Marshall

As an intern, Donalto Marshall focused on African American Social Justice History and program development and evaluation. He is currently completing a major in American Studies and minors in Sociology and Anthropology at Goucher College and expects to graduate in December 2021. He hopes to pursue a career in humanitarian work at non-profit organizations.


Tariq Price

Tariq Price

Tariq Price’s internship focus areas include graphics production and program management. His professional interests include graphics design, computer animation, and curation.



“My biggest award is being able to pass on my professional skills to my daughter, allowing me to break a generational curse. I often share these lessons with my family, friends, and community. In retrospect this internship is not only benefiting me but also those around me.”

—Sanford Barber, GPEP Alumni Intern, 2020


On Equity and Redress

The GPEP Alumni Internship acts on the need to diversify the museum field and redress the exploitative relationship between prison labor and museums. GPEP scholars, like the United States prison population more broadly, often come from communities historically and systematically excluded from educational, economic, and professional opportunities. Academic and cultural institutions like the Smithsonian have historically benefitted from prison labor. Through this internship, the Center for Restorative History hopes to serve as a model for the ways other public history institutions can approach work at the intersection of social justice, mass incarceration, and educational access.


“The internship is helping to build a foundation academically, professionally, and in life so I don’t go back [to prison] and so I have something to make me feel solid and whole.”

—GPEP Alumni Intern, 2020


Special Thanks

The GPEP Alumni Internship Program would not be possible without continued partnership with Goucher College and the interns who have helped to shape its scope. Additionally, special thanks goes to the National Museum of American History’s Director’s Office and Internship Program, along with the Smithsonian’s Office of Protection Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer, and the Office of Internship Programs.


Learn More About the Program

Looking for more info? Read about the Goucher Prison Education Partnership and our internship program in Goucher College’s press release.


The Team

  • Caroline Fiertz | Co-Founder and Manager, Center for Restorative History’s GPEP Alumni Internship Program; Co-Lead, GPEP Alumni Internship Program Subcommittee
  • Tsione Wolde-Michael | Co-Founder, Center for Restorative History’s GPEP Alumni Internship Program; Co-Lead, GPEP Alumni Internship Program Subcommittee; Director, Center for Restorative History
  • Patty Arteaga | Program Subcommittee Member
  • Dr. Nancy Bercaw | Program Subcommittee Member; Deputy Director, Center for Restorative History
  • Dr. Daniela Jiménez | Program Subcommittee Member
  • Donalto Marshall | Intern; Program Subcommittee Member
  • Sanford Barber | Intern; Program Subcommittee Member
  • Gabby Santas | Intern; Program Subcommittee Member