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April is Jazz Appreciation Month! Download a poster and check out resources relating to this year's featured artist, Miles Davis. Visit the JAM site

Concert Season in Washington, DC

Concerts & Recordings

NEA Jazz Masters Concert livestream

Saturday, April 1, 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Who We Are

Through world-class collections, scholarship, concerts, exhibitions and programs, Smithsonian Jazz at the National Museum of American History explores and celebrates the American experience through the transformative power of jazz. We believe that jazz is an important bridge between our nation's identity, our shared history, and our communities and we are committed to stewarding this connection for all audiences. 

By learning more about the history of jazz in America, and the values inherent in jazz such as risk-taking, collaboration, individuality and freedom, visitors and audiences will better understand the role they play, as musicians, students, teachers, audience members, supporters or leaders, in shaping the future. 

What We Do

Jazz at the museum brings together the museum's extensive jazz collections and archives, the prestigious Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestraexhibitions and education to foster a rich and informative experience for audiences of all ages. 

By animating our collections and scholarship, jazz programs, exhibits and concerts connect audiences with their history and fuel conversations about how music can imact and reflect our past, present and future. 

Experiences at the Museum

Visitors to the National Museum of American History can experience jazz through: