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Latin Jazz Advisory Committee 
Leonardo Acosta, musician and journalist
James Early, Director, Cultural and Communications, 
Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies, Smithsonian Institution 
Dale Fitzgerald, cultural anthropologist, Executive Director, The Jazz Gallery 
Juan Flores, professor of sociology, CUNY, Hunter College
Ira Gitler, journalist, author, and jazz historian, Manhattan School of Music 
Andy González, musician 
Giovanni Hidalgo, Latin jazz percussionist 
Suzan Jenkins, AJH consultant 
Willard Jenkins, journalist, producer, and artistic director,
Tri-C Jazz Fest 
Isabelle Leymarie, ethnomusicologist, Paris 
Rene Lopez, music collector and producer 
Danilo Lozano, musician and professor of music, Whittier College
Bruce Lundvall, president, Jazz/Classics Capitol Bluenote Records 
Max Salazar, journalist and historian of Afro-Cuban jazz 
John Santos, musician, educator, and Latin jazz percussionist 
Vicki Solá, journalist, radio host, and producer of "Que Viva La Música" 
Chucho Valdés, musician and president of the Festival Jazz Plaza

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