Nancy ManuszakResearcher, 2007–2009

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Nancy Manuszak traced some of William Steinway’s charitable experiences with both individuals and organizations. She discovered that William was always generous, loaning or giving gifts of money to organizations, individuals, and businessmen down on their luck. He provided financial assistance to many people affected as a result of the 1893 Financial Panic, especially those affiliated with the music scene.

Manuszak also looked into the 1892 Columbus Day celebrations in New York and Chicago. Both cities held grand celebrations that focused on the technological development of America, especially since the Chicago celebration marked the opening of the Columbian Exposition. She found, however, that the Brooklyn Daily Eagle criticized the exuberance of the celebrations, scoffing at their excess of speeches and patriotic fervor. Other areas of research included William's developement of western Queens, and Manuszak was particularly delighted by an article in The New York Times illustrating properties associated with William, including North Beach Amusement Park and environs. She enjoyed sharing her discoveries with fellow researchers.

Manuszak went to Beloit College in Wisconsin and did her graduate work (she had a master's degree) in California. She worked for many years at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine in Springfield, IL and came to Washington, DC in the early 1980s to work for an organization called General Health. When the company disbanded, Manuszak took on consultant work. That and volunteering for the Smithsonian, Arena Stage and the Washington Revels kept her very, very busy. She traveled to many countries—traveling and learning about other cultures and people was one of her passions. She was always in the moment and volunteering at the Smithsonian was one of her favorite activities. Manuszak passed away in 2009.