How to Use This Site

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Navigating the Diary Pages

This Web site allows visitors to search a transcription of William’s entire Diary alongside high-resolution scans of each hand-written page. The site defaults to the transcription but you can view the scans at any time by clicking on the image of the page, located to the right of the transcript under the heading View the Original Page. You can toggle between the scan and the transcription.

Use the Next and Previous buttons above and below the transcript to navigate sequentially through the Diary. You also can search for a specific date or keyword by using the search feature located in the brown tool box. When entering the date, use either the format 1868-04-15 or April 15, 1868,  for example.

Annotated words appear bold and in color. To access the note, click on the word for a pop-up annotation explaining the term. Click on the "read more" button to follow the text further and link to other notes via "back" and "forward" directionals. To return to the transcription page simply click on the X in the upper right corner of the pop-up window. View the transcription without notes by removing the check mark next to "Annotations"in the tool box.

Additional information about the Diary is always available under "The Diary" heading.

Viewing Diary Scans and Contextual Images

Click on an image to view it in a larger format using the enhanced digital options on the site. When viewing a scan you can select the "OPEN A NEW WINDOW" button located above or below the scan to view a full screen dynamic image. To zoom in or out on the image use the scroll wheel on your mouse or the buttons in the lower-right corner of the image. Once zoomed in your can move the text in any direction by dragging the mouse over it. Click on the home icon and the image will return to its original size. To go back to reading the transcription use the back button on your browser.

When viewing the Related Images the image will open in a new window. In the bar that contains the caption there are buttons to proceed to the next or previous image presented on the page. To return to the transcript close the window by clicking on the box in the upper right corner.