Nicki LagoudakisResearcher, 2004–Present

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Nicki Lagoudakis’ research assignments for the Diary Project concentrate on identifying people, places, and organizations referenced in the Diary. Using census reports, passport applications, citizenship records, and newspapers, Lagoudakis has confirmed details about people within William's family and business and social circles, including pianist S. B. Mills, theater manager Gustav Amberg, and photographer George G. Rockwood.

Her research also has extended to include places such as Mentona, Italy, Thorvaldsen Museum, Cypress Hills Cemetery, and organizations such as the Manhattan Club and the Washington Arch Memorial Fund. Lagoudakis has found found the range of William’s activities beyond the piano business fascinating, particularly his involvement in the Democratic Party, the Leiderkranz Society, the development of wetsern Queens, and a host of other organizations and projects. 

Nicki Lagoudakis completed her BA in political science at Hood College and an MA in political science with a specialty in African studies at the New School for Social Research. She has served as a teacher and coordinator of history/geography and science at the Lower School of the Washington International School. In addition, she was also the cofounder & executive director of DC Hunger Action. For the past 5 years Lagoudakis has worked as a genealogist at the Daughters of the American Revolution. Her interests include genealogy, watercolors, quilting, and gardening.