Roland HooverVolunteer, 2004–Present

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Roland Hoover’s activity with the Diary Project has consisted largely of editorial help, printing items from Pembroke Press, and occasional assistance to the Diary Project’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Cynthia Adams Hoover, his wife.

He encourages and supports Mrs. Hoover when her full-time attention to duty is essential and when she needs transport to and from the Metro Transit System.

Roland Hoover was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Ossining. He graduated from Yale University with a BS in industrial administration, and served as a U.S. Naval Reserve communications officer aboard a fleet tanker and a destroyer in Korean waters during the Korean Conflict. His subsequent career included editing and overseeing technical publications of the nuclear reactor division of the Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company and those of the Institute for Defense Analyses. Having developed a taste for publishing, he joined the staff of the Brookings Institution as executive editor, and later as director of publications. After 18 years at Brookings, during which he ran a sideline letterpress printing activity, he was appointed University Printer at Yale, from which he retired in 1994. He continues to run his letterpress, now known as Pembroke Press, and was presented with a lifetime achievement award in the history and art of letterpress printing by the Chesapeake Chapter of the American Printing History Association in 2010.