Carol Sue FrombolutiResearcher, 2010–Present

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Carol Sue Fromboulti joined the Diary Project in early 2010 to assist with fundraising and promoting public awareness for the Project and exhibit. In addition, she has taken on research assignments including the Barnum Circus of 1895 that William Steinway’s grandchildren attended at Madison Square Garden.

Fromboluti is retired from the US Department of Education, where she administered several arts in education programs. During her long career with the Department of Education, Fromboluti served in a number of other capacities including public affairs specialist, statistician, and research analyst, in each case specializing in the dissemination of findings and the translation of research into practice. In 2006, during its inaugural year, she assisted the Smithsonian in establishing Jazz Appreciation Month to honor the American heritage of jazz. Fromboluti remains committed to the arts, and currently serves on the boards of the Glen Echo Park, Partnership for the Arts, and Culture and the Blues Alley Jazz Society. She is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, and attended the Washington University Graduate School of Business.