Carole LernerResearcher, 2003–Present

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Carole Lerner has reported on the reviews of performances and written biographies of the musicians in William Steinway’s New York experience.

William attended numerous influential American and European musicians’ performances of his day. For many years he also was quite active as tenor and frequent president of the German Liederkrantz singing society. As he aged and became infirm with gout, his frequent trips to concerts and operas lessened until he no longer could attend. Lerner found that it was then, that pianists and other musicians came to him at his home for help, advice and his valuable opinions.

Lerner was born in Baltimore, Maryland and at the age of 14, auditioned for the Peabody Conservatory of Music with Reginald Stewart (conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra). Admitted as one of their youngest students, she studied piano for several years with Erno Balogh, a former pupil of Bela Bartok. She continued in Juniata College as a music major. She owns a 1927 full harp upright Steinway piano that has a beautiful tone. Now a widow, Lerner has three fabulous children and six wonderful grandchildren.