Arlene ShapiroResearcher and Editor, 1989–2009

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As one of the early researchers on the Diary Project, Arlene Shapiro worked closely with the Editors-in-Chief in planning the overall approach to the work.

Shapiro continued in a variety of roles: collecting information on the census of manufacturing activities and on changes in the price of gold during the 1860s. Later she worked as a general editor of other researchers’ reports and contributed significantly to proofreading the typed transcriptions of the diary. She left the project because of illness in 2009, after ten years of hard work.

Shapiro received a BA from New York University and a master’s in economics from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked at The National Bureau of Economics in New York as an assistant to Professors George Stigler and Lawrence Klein, both winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics. In Washington, DC she worked as an analyst on the national accounts input-output table at the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce. Shapiro currently lives with her husband, Sid, in Chevy Chase, MD.