Richard RileyResearcher, 2009–present

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Richard Riley has worked in collaboration with Ken Maniha towards the creation of a complete Steinway family genealogy.

As one of the descendents of Henry Engelhard Steinway, Richard Riley has been working on the genealogy of the family, intermittently, for about 30 years.  He worked with Henry Z. Steinway and many other family members to document and preserve the family's history. He is participating on the Steinway Diary project in an effort to expand the scope of his work and publish a definitive family record.

Riley is a former teacher and retired retail manager.  He graduated with a degree in anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, subsequently teaching social studies in middle school and anthropology in high school.  His dear wife Janet died five years ago. He lives in Quincy, MA and has two children and two grandchildren.