Sarah Allan     Researcher, 2004–2005

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Sarah Allan took time out of her regular Smithsonian behind-the-scenes volunteer work on the processing team in the National Museum of American History’s Archives Center to join the Steinway Diary Project. She contributed research on the North Beach amusement park, built by the Steinways for the amusement of their employees on the site of the current La Guardia airport.

Allan fondly remembers the field trip taken by the research team to visit several sites in Manhattan in the fall of 2005, including a visit with Henry Steinway in his offices in Steinway Hall, the wonderful tour of the Steinway factory with its expansive testing room in Brooklyn, and the visits to the mansion and family burial crypt in Green-Wood cemetery.

Allan earned her bachelor’s degree in history at Kenyon College, and her master’s degree in business administration from the University of Michigan. Her early career was in finance at IBM Corporation in New York. She is currently pursuing work in project management in the Washington, DC area. Allan lives in Chevy Chase, MD and has a 17-year-old son.