Michael Zuntz     Researcher, 1994–2001

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Michael Zuntz contributed to the project by chronicling the rapid ascent of the Steinways into the top strata of American manufacturers. He investigated the role and cultural contribution of the Steinways, especially to the social and cultural life of New York's German society.

Zuntz looked into the Steinways’ numerous European contacts and their frequent trips to Europe. As a German immigrant, Zuntz’ ability to explain William’s rare Germanisms to American readers was particularly useful to the project.

Zuntz came to the United States during the late 1930 as a refugee from Germany. During WWII he served in the US Army doing document and other intelligence work. He retired in 1950 after a career of working on Latin American development problems, as an employee of Latin American Governments and International Agencies. He later took a position as economist for the Organization of American States, retiring in 1980. His wartime experience, however, had given him a lasting interest in documentary intelligence. Zuntz welcomed the opportunity to follow that interest as member of the Steinway Diary Project, where his German language and cultural background have been valuable assets. Zuntz now lives with his wife of more than 65 years in Sonoma, CA, near his son and grandchildren.