Florence Robinson     Researcher, 1999

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During the year in which Florence Robinson was associated with the project she provided expert assistance in the development of indexing strategies.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Robinson received her BA in Economics from Brooklyn College and an MA from New York University in the same field. She worked at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Manhattan alongside prominent economists of the day as Geoffrey Moore, Arthur Burns and Wesley Mitchell. Returning to the workforce after her children began school, Robinson developed a free lance specialty of preparing "back of the book" indexes for scholarly works in the social sciences. Her initial client was the National Bureau of Economics, but the list expanded to include Columbia University Press and, when she moved to Washington, the Brookings Institution, the World Bank, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Resources for the Future, among others. She provided the indexes for books by such well-known social scientists as Alice Rivlin and Amitai Etzioni. Throughout her life Robinson intensely enjoyed music both as a concert-goer and as an accomplished amateur pianist. She died on June 24, 2010 in Maryland.