Larry HermanResearcher, 2009–Present

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Larry Herman has researched a variety of topics and regularly volunteers in the Diary Project office contributing valuable assistance to the Diary Project staff.

Herman's research reports have included topics such as “elevators,” Steinway distributors, New York architects, restaurants frequented by William, the mendicants who came to William looking for some sort of assistance, small-time New York City politicians, performers, and William's business associates or peers in late-19th-century New York City. All of these have been interesting in their own right, and some have been down-right challenging. In particular, Herman has found that the most obscure individuals and places that have made no city, state, or national claim to fame have been the most interesting to research. He is currently spearheading an effort to produce overview biographies of members of the Steinway family that will be used to introduce them to Web site visitors.

Herman has a BA in American History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Massachusetts and an MA from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia with an emphasis on Colonial America. He spent his career managing large-scale telecommunication departments and implementations at large enterprises, including universities and hospitals. He also worked as a technical manager for several companies that sold large telecommunications systems and as an independent third-party consultant to businesses seeking assistance in the design, management, and build-out of their company-wide communications infrastructures. He finds the Steinway Diary Project an opportunity to once-again pursue interests that he had abandoned for more profitable ventures earlier in his career.