New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung, December 1,1907, p. 38.

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Tranlsation: The Day's Deaths. Louis von Bernuth

A cable dispatch from Coblenz received yesterday morning stated the unexpected departure of Louis von Bernuth, the well known NY business man who lived at 315 West 88th St., had died on November 30. In September Mr. von Bernuth had traveled to Germany for some rest. When he left he suffered from slight pneumonia to which he paid little attention. In Germany he first visited his brother, a Major in Bernburg, and then went to Coblenz where his parents and another brother, a government counselor, lived. There his condition visibly worsened. He had a high fever and the liver showed signs of considerable function impairment and though the best doctors were consulted, among others a professor from Bonn, his life could no longer be saved. Louis von Bernuth had been born 52 years ago on April 5, 1856 on his father's estate in West Prussia. After graduating from the Gymnasium and securing a one-year voluntary service assignment, the 17 year old came to New York and entered into service Hart & Co., where he stayed until he married a daughter of William Steinway. After the death of his father-in-law, George Ehret obtained the Bowery Bay Beach (North Beach properties and Astoria) and entrusted the now deceased Louis with the administration. He accomplished the numerous work and obligations until his death. Among others, he was President, i.e. Director of the following societies: New York & College Point Ferry Co.; Astoria Homestead Co.; Bowery Bay Beach Building & Improvement Co.; Bowery Bay Beach Electric Light & Power Co.; Yorkville Bank. He also was a long-time member of the German Club. Besides the widow, one son and a daughter, the deceased is mourned by his parents and two brothers, all in Germany, and by his younger brother Oscar, living in New York City. The body will be brought to New York for burial.