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Daily Diary of Wm. Steinway & wife!

New-York. 1861.

April 20th saturday.

Philharmonic Concert. Liederkranz performs Walpurgis night, Wm. sings tenor solo.

" 21st sunday.

at 5. P.M. started with father & sister Anna pr. N.Y. & Erie R.R. for Buffalo, Charles Winzer fr. Jamestown is on the train going home.

" 22d Monday.

Arrival in Buffalo at noon father & Anna stop in Jacob Roos's house Wm. at the American Hotel Buffalo until

" 23d Wedding day.

Marriage takes place at the residence of my wife's father, Jacob Roos, Pastor Burger performing Ceremony, bridegrooms & witnesses, Andrew Brunn & Hugo Stammann, bridesmaids Hermine Weisser and Louise Goetz, pleasant evening, dancing, singing, eating & drinking until retiring
Wedding night.


" 24th Wednesday.

Took a ride out. Visited Weisser Holleriths, Rosman & Mr. Huber. Serenaded. by. Buff. L.T.