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NewYork Febr. 17th 1891.


are all full of Rapid Transit Meeting & Eshelbys letter, yesterday. In evg eat supper at L.K. and consult with Heinrich Zoellner as to proposed Charity Concert for Friedrichs, now insane. Also call at Arion get box for Ball for $75. Make speech at L.K. in favor of Music Com. get them a unanimous vote of thanks Remain with Music Com. & some friends until 2½ A.M.

Febr. 18th Wed.

Nice warm day. Feel a remote touch of Rheum. in back of my neck which gradually disappears under Dr. Jones Medicine. Am at Ottendorfers in evg, play Skat lost $100/100. We all laugh very heartily at the various jokes, Ottendorfer very jovial. Ranneys E. R. Bridge bill passes the Assembly by 94 to 5 Votes. Louis v. B & wife visit my Grote Homestead in afternoon

Febr. 19th Thursd.

Rested fairly well. Business has grown somewhat duller lately, though we work full force. A number of our discharged strikers are still out of work and in consequence in great misery. Signed Subscription for 300 Shares of stock of $50. each in the Harlem Market Co. Limited to be located at block 102-103d str. First Ave & the East River yesterday. Funeral of General W. T. Sherman takes place this afternoon, splendid weather. Home in evg working

Febr 20th friday.

Down town at 11½ A.M. call at Oakes, sign checks lunch at Schultzs, at 2 P.M. Rapid Transit Meeting S. Spencer absent, at 3 P.M. Public Meeting, quite well filled, Austin Corbin, his Engineer Jacobs, Louis Stern Reno sen appears, also Chas. E. Rink for the Washington Heights Tax Payers Association. In evg with wife, Louis v. B. and Paula in Box 9. Madison Square Garden, at Arion Ball, grand affair, immense number of the demi monde remain til nearly 1 AM