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NewYork, Jan 12th 1893


near Tunnel, Lg Isl. City, yesterday


Jan 13th frid.

Clear day, having taken massage morning and evg since Tuesd. I am recovering pretty rapidly and am enabled to do some work. At 1.30 P.M. drive to the Rapid Transit Com. Meeting. In Paris the excitement on the Panama Canal swindles by french senators, statesmen and editors continues unabated, and in Germany the new Militär Vorlage causes untold anxiety. All Com. at Rapid Transit Meeting, but only a few farcical speeches are made, we then go into Executive session til 4.30 P.M. and discuss extensions of L.R.R. structures. I walk slowly without a cane, and retire by 8.45 P.M. It grew very cold again. Papers stated that steamship Columbia arrived at Gibraltar this A.M. Chas. H. St +family being on board. Kraemer goes to Kranich + Bach


Jan 14th sat.

Feel better. To Rapid Transit conference from 11 AM _ 2.30 P.M. To my dismay I see I stand alone in my stand to guard the City from being further disfigured in streets. I feel dreadful. Spend afternoon at Office Stetson being in Phila. Remain home in evg Wife & Frl. to L.K. anniversary


Jan. 15th sund.

Cotterill calls, see him about Rapid Transit & Harbuckle case, he appeals from Ingrahams decision Urchs calls, also Dr. Fred Zinsser. In evg Manson of the World calls but I refuse to say anything until I can do so through the Commission

Jan. 16th Mond.

Again have a long conference at Rapid Transit Com. Starin lunched with me at Schulz The other Com. gradually come nearer my view. Return to office in my carriage, home evg