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New York, Jan 9th 1893

Jan 9th

Intensely cold. Knee hurts me badly, with wife via Hudson R.R. Comp walk bet. 2 sticks, arrive at Capital shortly before noon. Electoral College assembled, Senator Cantor prompts me, am elected Pres. and conduct the proceedings from speakers chair, make brief opening and closing speech, refrain from voting during recess on Ed. Murphy jr. resolution, adjourn Electoral College at 3.47 P.M. sine die Obtain 4.5 P.M. train belated at 5 P.M. reach home about 9 P.M. badly tired, hungry and suffering pain in right knee


Jan 10th

Papers all condemn Senator Hills springing the ill timed resolution, only Staatszeitung states that I refrained from voting. I set up all day in front sitting room. Cotterill talks over Ingraham decision with me. I now feel the gout in my right knee, slightly in my left knee and stll in my left thumb and wrist. Masseur also came in evg

Jan 11th Wed.

Gout no better. Again sit up all day and work. Our Retail trade remains very good, the making 7¹/3 Octaves of style A. & B. proving the correctness of my Ideas _ and a grand success. Have a grand Levee all day, Ebersole of Cinc. Reporters of Herald & World among them. It is fearfully cold, Ferry boats stopped

Jan 12 Thursday.

Geo. A. St. & L. von B. Harry D. Low with Walter C. Foster held annual Meeting of N.Y. + College Point yesterday Almost stopped by Ice. Ben F. Butler died yesterday My gout gradually growing better, sit up & work all day. H. Kranich called enquired about F. Kraemer. Louis Windmüller B. Orne also called. Mayfly muddle in Lg Isl City still in quite a muddle. Coroners Inquest begun on dynamite explosion