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New York, March 11th 1888.

Marcy 11th Sunday,

Splendid article in the Herald on Germans based mostly upon Clancy’s interview with me of last Thursday night, work at store in forenoon, write letter to Pres. In favor of van D. Reed, introduced to me by Judge Brady, then preside at U. Dem. Com. at Lüchows, work all afternoon and evening at home, sell my two Blackwell street lots to Mrs. Grace L. Williams for $500. Do much work.


March 12th Monday.

During the night the most fearful snowstorm sets in I ever experienced. George & I have to wade knee deep in the snow to get to St. Hall. The banks are crippled no business is done Freund has a most impotent lame third letter to me in the American Musician, which simply excite ridicule All cars in NY. & vicinity stop, accidents on L. road occur, all our Lg Isl. City people, except Burden and young Bleckwenn cannot get over to N.Y. I have a terrible time getting to my house at 6 P.M. Coupè sticking 3 times in the snow and then I walk home from 19th str. Barnay 1st appearance postponed and George, my wife + daughter return covered with Snow. Crazy Kollmer troubles me at 8.30. P.M. and 11.30 P.M. with calling. My cold is nearly over


March 13th Tuesd.

Snowing stopped but intense cold has sent in, nearly freezing me to death on the way. I finish my long explanatory letter to Edmund Johnson, Chas. Ziegler +c. Holwede, which I worked on til late last night. In ev’g with van der Emde in sleigh to Memorial Delegation at Arion, have quite a tussle on religious matters & St. Hall. Afterwards meeting at Liederkranz have tussle with Jacques Schmitz. Return in sleigh home at 11.30. P.M. safe and sound.

March 14th Wed.

It is again snowing hard, all business is suspended the workmen cannot reach factories, schools stopped, our R.R. horses starving for want of food, send George out to buy Oats, learn from

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