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NewYork, Oct 28/66.

Oct 28 Sunday.

fine day. Uptown with wife & boy. At home in eveg. making diagram of First Balcony.

Oct 29th Monday.

Great Rush for Tickets in the morning for Inauguration Concert

Oct 30th Tuesday.

First rehearsal in our new Hall. L.K. in eve.

_ _

' 31st Wednesday

Inauguration Concert by the Bateman Concert troupe. Everybody is delighted with the acoustic qualities. House filled to overflowing. Great Success. Supper afterwards, jolly time til 3 AM.

Novbr. 1st Thursday.

Second Concert. House well filled.

" 2d friday.

Good house, splendid Concert.

" 3d Saturday.

Matinee at 12. M. by Bateman Troupe. Philharmonic Public Rehearsal at 3 P.M. At home in eveg. Writing drawing diagram for Thomas My boy gets his sixth tooth. Walks about finely.

" 4th Sunday.

Uptown with wife & baby.

" 5th Monday.

Bateman Concert in eveg.

" 6th Tuesday.

   "   "   "     At L.K.

" 7th Wednesday

   "   "   "    

Novbr. 8th Thursday

   "   "   "     

" 9th friday

      "          "       Wolfsohn matinee.


" 10th Saturday

Bateman Matinee. Philharmonic Public Reh.

" 11th Sunday.

First Sunday Concert. immense house

" 12th Monday.

First Popular Concert