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NewYork& Astoria, August 31st 1894.

Aug 31st frid.

Lovely cool day. News that the english and german Gunboats suppressed revolt on Samoa Islands. Stop at Queens County Bank to see Pres.Knapp on account of racetrack matters, he is sick however at Manhattan Beach. Reaching Steinway Hall at 11.15 A.M. met Fredk T. Steinway + Fried. Reidemeister just arrived pr. "Fuerst Bismarck" Fritz looks quite well. Am excessively busy all day til 5.30 P.M. when I drive to Mansion and work til 10 P.M. Miss McNellis of the N.Y. Herald, whom I have assisted with $500/100 I again loan $20 to, not wishing to buy any books by subscription. Yesterday a stable on Kouwenhoven street just North of Shore road, "Steinway" Also helped Oakes by endorsing $12.000 worth of Notes for him. J. O Tousaaint came and borrowed $1000. This A.M. at Queens County Bank signed Bank statement as Vice Pres. A large force of men pave Steinway Avenue from Jackson Ave. Northwardly and a force of Carpenters fence in the "recreation grounds" on Steinway Avenue. Underhill, Watson of Mail +Express, +Tobin also call

| Fred P. St. Ottendorfer Dick Ranft & Fr. Reidemeister arrive from Fuerst Bismarck

Septbr. 1st sat.

Last night, Kelterborn, Haffner,Deutschmann, Weber and one other man called, being troubled by Judge Monteverde of Newtown, also Jerome Breunig with whom I had quite a chat. At 11.30 A.M. drive with Baberich & his Nurse Anna via 34th street to Cantrell shoe store. I then drive to St. Hall, then to house of Fredk T. St. take lunch, at 2-4 P.M. hold board of directors Meeting, all present and dispose of a mass of important questions, very harmoniously. I then drive to Polo grounds 155th str. & 8th Ave. and see a most interesting baseball game between Cincinnati +New York. At least 15.000 spectators are there. At Mansion in evg, have chat with H. A. Cassebeer, jr. General N. P. Banks died this morning at Waltham, Mass. aged 78 years


Septbr. 2d Sunday.

Lovely day. I notice from the Newspapers that the Cincinnatians defeated the New Yorkers on the Polo grounds yesterday. All last week was taking place the removal of the Criminal Court business to the new Municipal building on Centre street opposite on Franklin str. of the Tombs. Business during the week showed slight signs of revival all over the country and partly with us, but it is still very unsatisfactory