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NewYork, April 12th 1896.

April 12th Sunday.

Lovely sunny spring day At 11 A.M. to L.K. Reise Committee at which I preside. Our Subscriptions are $10.450. towards the European trip. G. D. Maas looks fearfully bad. Leyendecker died last friday and was buried yesterday. Take dinner at L.K. quite a crowd there, saw Harbuckle who had invited Chas. W. Held& ladies to dinner. Work at store from 3 P.M. to 10 P.M. Give a piece of my mind to C. T. Klein on account of his drunkenness, Dr. Wm. Mason also consults me as to his buying the house No 14 West 16th street

April 13th Monday.

Excessively busy all day, sent out the 100 years of American commerce to libraries +Society, Mrs. Andrews (daughter of GenlOliver) calls have many visitors

April 14th Tuesd.

Consulted with Virgil as to locating at “Steinway” Attended Ravenswood Impt Com. Meetig. At L.K. made speech + put Kinderfest on Sat. May 2d. A. D. Coe of Cleveland failed today.

April 15th Wed.

Overrun with callers, spoke through telephone to our Counsel MacDougal

" 16th Thursd.

Conference with Paderewski. Constantin de Grimm died today. At Irving Place Theatre “Rosenkranz+Güldenstern” Engels appeared. J. Mac Clanahan sang for me. Phil. Burkard, saw P. J. Gleason large number of callers. Had long talk with Kuebler


" 17th friday.

Lovely party with de Rezkes, Paderewski, Seidl, in all 24 persons at Luchows, one of the most glorious days of my life, drank two Würzburger L. Hupfauf called, also J. E. Becker + others


" 18th sat.

Met Leo v. Raven at Barbershop told him about letter April 20/93 inLippmanns handwriting, fearful heat, at Paderewski Concert, who played divinely, took in over $7000. besting Grand Opera Matinee


" 19th sunday

Work at store Jeanne Franko: and others called, drive out with L.v.Bernuth through Ravenswood, over new Road

" 20. Mond.

Large Number of visitors and mendicants at St. Hall Carrie Behrop called, old Mrs. Utassi advises me to drink Milk+Cider which I do. Worked at store til 10.30 P.M. get heavy mail off