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Berlin, June 19th 1871

Berlin, June 19th Mon.

Raining, draw 2500 Thlrs. viz 1000 for myself, 1000 for Sophia and 500 for the Boys in equal shares. Pay my wife 318 Thlrs for June Intr. Ladies at Wallners, Ziegler Henry and I at Zennigs Meet Corning again

June 20th Tues.

Raining With the ladies at Krolls. Stradella given supper at Zennigs & c. Have a sore eye &jk

June 21st W.

Visit Prof Herrig, drive out with Prof wife & Corning to Charlottenburg. Am with Corning at Burghardts. At his house and at Bellhouse, home at 1 AM

June 22d Thurs.

Have small bile on right cheek, pay wife 318 Thlrs for July, dine with Herrig, son of Ad. Zwilgmeyer, after being at Wallners with them to see the Kläffer


June 23d friday

draw 1000 Thlrs, set up Contract for Sofie Menter with Steinitz, at 12600 Thlrs for 7 months, take bath call on Bechstein, receive about 5 Thlrs from him after deducting about 20 Thlrs duty for Helmholtz Grand

June 24th sat.

Depart for Seesen at 8.45. A.M. Zieglers to Cologne 2d Class Immense train We arrive at Seesen 2 P.M. in a rain. Have a fine dinner altogether at Steigertahls. Am at Wursbad in afternoon at bowling Club. See young Barttlingck there buy 20 Thlrs worth of Cigars which we distribute among the soldiers returning from France & passing Seesen at night.

June 25th Sund.

Raining furiously all day, we cannot go out in Consequence

June 26th Mond.

Furious rainstorm all day, wife & I at Brunswick to see reception of 67th Regt, return to Seesen in eveg

June 27th Tuesd.

at 1.48 P.M. with wife to Pyrmont, arrive there at 8½ P.M. Engage lodgings at Villa Reisling at 40 Thlrs, pr. week. Stop over night at Krone on our way up meet Mrs. Dr. Rothe from Braunschweig & daughter

June 28th Wed.

Depart at 8 AM arrive at Seesen at 3.10 P.M. I meet and have Conversation with Mrs. Rud. Barttlingck at Mrs. Geo. Reineckes house. At Germania in eveg. very jolly. treat them with beer Home at 1 A.M.

June 29th Thursday.

Raining all day. We all depart for Pyrmont, Extrapost from Höxter where we arrive at 8 P.M. Have serenade by Orchestra, pay them 25 Thlrs Met Gerner, Schwarz & Knille at Kreiensen and took a drink with them at R.R. depot Restaurant