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NewYork + Astoria, Septbr 2d 1894


added in todays Herald the Grandprize of 5000 f. at Paris—to the Daimler Motor Adt. Theron H. Burden on top in the Republican primaries, having carried them last friday evg by an overwhelming majority of 200 votes Drive out at 4 P.M. with Baberich and his Nurse. The beach is crowded and up to that time no arrests made

Sept 3d Monday.

Official laborday. It is quite cold. Remain at Mansion all day and do an immense lot ofwork . Many people at the beach

Sept. 4th Tuesd.

At St. Hall. Busy all day. At L.K. 5 P.M. Music Session scene bet. Paur and Zöllner, caused by insults of the former. Play Skat in evg with Graff, Jac. Kämmerer, Hoffmann, win 65 Cents

Sept. 5th Wed.

Remain at Mansion. At 1 P.M. with Leonard Smith drive via Hunters Point, bridge over Newtown Creek, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Prospect Park to Sheepshead Bay Racetrack, which is beautiful, a fine running race going on. Return via Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park 92d str. Ferry

Sept. 6th Thursd.

Fuerst Bismarck today carries my last letter to my sons Willie & Theodore to catch them on Mormannia Sept 14th at Southampton. At 6½ P.M. from St. Hall to L.K. after supper, present at Vorstandssitzung +Trustee meeting, home at Mansion at midnight. Miss Krause of Chicago called

Sept. 7th frid.

Warm fine day, work til 11.30 A.M. at mansion, then to St. Hall, lunch at Lüchows get off a number of letters to Europe, have many callers, Mrs. Bainbridge & Olga Smith, E. Schmidt, H. H. Walker + Rentien & contractor Van Aken called Work at Mansion Evg, Mr+Mrs. Louis von Bernuth arrive from the Adirondacks at 10.35 P.M. Judge Benedict decided agt the N.Y. &College Pt. Ferry in the Spring day collision. N.Y. City notified N.Y. &College Pt. Ferry Comp. that it must remove its slips until new exterior street is made. Steinert from NewHaven orders 52 new pianos and business seems to considerably brighten up. Emperor William II made a splendid speech at Königsberg yesterday

death of the Count of Paris at London at 8 A.M. September 8th

Sept. 8th sat.

Raining nearly all through the night and today, which is a great blessing to the parched country. Last week has been one of great political excitement, Reformers trying to unite and fight Tammany this fall I rejoice that I have kept out of all political entanglements. J. O Toussaint called several times, his daughter Lily is engaged to be married and of course