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New York, March 15th 1876.


so we may expect Theodore next Saturday or Sunday Home for dinner, have another exciting talk with wife which terribly unsettles me again, for I can discover no Avenue of escape open, Albert, Reck, Henry & Chas. Steinway, play Skat. Louise with my wife. I lose 19 Cents ___

March 16th Thursday,

Gout seems to be entirely gone, Business still lagging. I am so utterly crushed mentally that I can only stagger along under the dreadful load.__ At United States Life Insurance Comp showing them Tax Receipt of my Gramercy Park house, which had been returned on their search with Tax for 1875 unpaid. Attend at Sale of Schedel house at 12 at Merchants Exchange, bid of up to $20.500 when John Weber bids up to $20.750. Believing that this will protect me, In having guaranteed original Mortgage of $18.000, I bid of no further, & John Weber has the property. I then call at Cotterills office he tells me that Bartlett will agree to the findings and that decree will be immediately drawn. Lunch at Tafelrunde, Klamroth heavy cold Wesendonck there, asks me to try and get Quartett to sing at Mrs. Schurzs funeral, she died Yesterday after a severe confinement At Bank at 4 P.M. Rainstorm all day
At home in eve'g, conversing with wife and eliciting details & dates of Franzensbad affair in 1873 & 1874. My sufferings of mind are intense