1968 and 2020

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2020 was my version of what the Baby Boomers experienced 1968 like. Out of all the years that I have had to experience, 2020 was a rollercoaster of a year. The coronavirus pandemic upended any sense of normalcy.

I graduated during the pandemic from Los Angeles Community College in an online ceremony in June and I already have my diploma sent to me back in November. Now I can move on from that community college and focus on my last two years at Cal State LA as a Junior and Senior. So far, my academics this year has been quite fine with little hindrance despite the pandemic.

I would like to comment on the historic events of this year. I remember vividly the protests and the election of this year and all the celebrity deaths that happened this year with the week of the election.
I remember all the unrest after the George Floyd incident and the massive demonstrations that transpired in Los Angeles. I remember seeing the footage of the demonstrations of people marching and I also saw the unfortunate footage of the riots that accompanied on Television especially here in Los Angeles with the looting of the Grove which really saddened me more for the fact that I used to go there every Sunday and seeing it being looted was so antithetical to the values of MLK and did more harm for the fight for racial justice. But I know that part of that was also rooted in anger over how minority communities weren’t having their demands met or
even heard by society at large.

I see this year as helping to launch a new chapter of humanity for the world. The old way of doing things has been thrown out the window due to the events that have transpired this year. I know that issues such as Child Care to Education are now to going to have more full-length discussions than ever before. We could reach to that new utopia that we all could work for and that we all want to live in.

For me, I can’t be a person who looks and just see misery, death, and chaotic division and polarization that afflicts the country still as of this writing. I do see the world being transformed into a jungle with a gathering storm that may divide and destroy people. I hear the people suffering from the hospital beds to the tents in the streets. But when I look at the sky, I see a future where everything will be changed for the better for all humankind, that peace and tranquility is prevalent amongst all. I must hold on to those ideals in these times. I know the day that I can live and see those ideals come day by day and it will all be great!