2020 Journey

2020 started out as any other year for us. With hope, big plans, goals, etc.  Then covid happened and we were quarantined at home for 2 months!! Stores all closed early, shortages of food, paper supplies, etc. We could not find toilet paper, paper towels or lysol cleaning supplies for several months. People were literally hoarding up the paper goods. Stores had to  limit the amount you could buy.  My son Caleb turned 19 in March of 2020 and for the first time in his life, our grocery store literally closed!! They had to close to restock and clean. They only allowed small amts of people in the store at a time so there were long lines outside the store to get in.

Son Caleb and I both got VERY sick in August, never got tested but we had ALL the covid symptoms, lost my sense of taste and smell, they're STILL not the same many months later! We lost 2 family members to covid 19. My sweet Uncle Pete and my cousin Janie.  So very hard to deal with. My poor aunt could not even be with my uncle as he took his last breathe. She had to be quarantined at home alone. His funeral service was so sad. We were all able to go, held it outside, but could have NO contact with eachother.  Had to remain 6 ft apart. It was terrible!! Terrible year!!

Later in the year in October, we were exposed again to covid and had to quarantine again!! I've worked from home since February 2020 and am still at home Jan 2021.  Have not been able to attend Church services for the entire year!! Miss it desperately. Been very depressed at times.  I'm glad the year's over. Looking forward to better times!!