2020 Year of Pandemic

Painting of skulls

At first, the news of a new virus killing people in China seemed to be just that, a far away reality, weeks later all chaos broke lose in America, locally the most depressing event was a 12 hour curfew, it seemed like a nightmare! Driving a taxi for a living was terrifying, just knowing that I could get infected with the coronavirus myself, then, it got to the point when the taxi job was not an alternative, so I found refuge in my solitude and my depression, looking for an exit by painting art, but I still worried about my family, my children and grandchildren, the empty schools, restaurants looked so unreal, like a never ending dream out of hell, my son died in October 2020, like if a needed more pain!, But deep in the darkness of my daily uncertainty, I saw a bright light, it was like if God wanted to guide me, by telling that everything was going to be alright. We are all brothers and sisters under one God.