Actually nice

Woman posing in snow

2020 was a good year for me. As an in-home personal trainer, BC (before covid) I was in my car all day, every day. Hundreds of miles per week. Thankfully, Zoom came along and I was able to train all my clients virtually. This has worked out great! I can stack people one after the other, which frees up more of my time for my other love, writing. 2020 gave me the gift of time! I've been remarkably productive, not only with a YA novel and non-fiction piece, but also taking tons of online courses through Smithsonian Streaming and other writing courses. I know many people have been suffering, so I don't talk about this much to others. I order my groceries online; they're delivered to my home. I'm so very grateful to live where I do because I have a lot of personal space and live on a fairly large piece of land, so being around others is rarely an issue. Writers are cave-dwellers, so the isolation has worked well for me. Many of my clients are having a rough time; some are older and are beyond scared of going out. So I've been a bit of a sounding-board for them. I think it helps them release some of their stress. I'm hoping to continue on this path well into 2021.